• What’s on a lawyer’s mind. The Results.

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    In May last year we run a small experiment that we called What’s on a lawyer’s mind.  Remember? The reasons behind the experiment We had 2 things in mind.   The first was finding an optimal taxonomy for our website. How should we group contracts? Should we follow traditional legal...

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Getty Images releases free pictures! Nooo, wait.

Time for reading this article: 4 minutes. By the way, Peppercorn beta is live. So it was the big new some days ago: Getty Images the world’s largest photo service,...

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Feb 27 | 332693 Views | No Comments

Dropbox arbitration clause: should I opt-out or not?

Peppercorn beta is ready! Time for reading this post: 4 minutes. If you’re a Dropbox user, I guess you already got their email. Dropbox is updating their Terms of...

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